Monday, September 16, 2013

Thieves strip home of copper and other metals

ATHENS – The Athens County Sheriff’s Office reported that thieves broke into a Stone Road home on stripping the home of copper wire and piping.

Bruce Zasadzincki of 9425 Stone Road in Athens reported the incident Sept. 12. Zasadzincki Bruce stated works for Safeguard Properties and the residence is owned by Citi Mortgage of out of Irving, Texas.

Zasadzincki said he went to the residence to do work on the house and found the side door kicked in. Taken from the home was copper wire, pipe, a hot water tank, a well holding tank and a cast iron wood stove. According to Zasadzincki no one has been to the residence in some time and did not know when theft occurred.

Sheriff’s Deputy Mike Burba said the incident remains under investigation.

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