Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Steve Wynn Serves Up the Whine

by Michael O'Brien

According to a published report by CNN Money, Las Vegas casino mogul Steve Wynn in a fit of selfish irony, lashed out at President Obama. Citing what he thought was the President’s “weird political philosophy” Wynn claimed that the nation’s business community was “frightened to death” to invest in new jobs. Wynn was ripping the President while taking questions about his latest real estate development in Macau, China. China? Steve, what are you doing creating jobs in China?

Wynn, whose casino business is based in part on bleeding gamblers and tourists of every nickel, seems to think that the President is responsible for U.S. corporations sitting on an estimated $2 trillion in cash. Corporate profits are near record levels as companies work their existing employees into the ground for less pay, fewer benefits and less job security. Yet the self-described supporter of Democrats has let his greed get the best of his thinking.

Wynn claims that a hostile political climate, unfriendly to business is the only thing preventing from him from creating 10,000 jobs in Las Vegas. Come on Steve, if you knew there was a buck to be made, political climate or not you would exploit the opportunity. No, you would have us believe that the big bad government is keeping rich people like you from getting richer. Besides, a new survey of employers shows the 50% are planning to expand hiring over the next six months.

Do they know something you don’t? Why are the heads of those companies scared to death? Or are you just blustering to just hear yourself talk? Funny that phony billionaire and presidential wannabe Donald Trump spewed that same nonsense until he realized that the American people, even those who claim to be Republicans were not buying his lame song and dance.

Wynn’s most telling statement hinted at what he must have been doing when he went off on the Administration. Speaking of the President, hypocrite Wynn blustered that “until he’s (Obama) gone, everybody’s going to be sitting on their thumbs”. So it is time to put up or shut up Steve. You can sit there, rotating on your thumb or you can help spur the U.S. economy by doing what business people do everyday in business climates good and bad – take a risk and create all those jobs in the U.S. – not in Macau.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ohio Representatives Johnson & Gibbs Pledge Allegiance to Corporations and the Wealthy

by Mark McCutchan

Saturday night, Speaker of the House John Boehner said “No” to a deal that would have cut $4 trillion from our federal debt - a major reversal of what the GOP leader has said was their main goal.

President Obama has bent over backwards to accommodate the GOP Right Wing even upsetting his Democratic and progressive base by putting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid on the negotiating table. The total amounts to $3 trillion in spending cuts, if Republicans would agree to $1 trillion in removing tax loopholes for corporations and the wealthy – a 3:1 ratio in Mr. Boehner’s favor. Still he said, “No deal”.

Why would the GOP turn down a win on their goals of cutting debt reduction and entitlement programs?

Because John Boehner cannot count on support from 235 of his House Republicans! These radical members of Congress have decided it is more important to pledge allegiance to Grover Norquist the so-called Americans for Tax Reform by signing the No Taxes, Ever, Under Any Circumstances Even It Means Throwing the Country Into Default pledge.

Ohio Congressmen Bill Johnson and Bob Gibbs who represent the 6th and 18th Congressional Districts are two of Ohio’s more radical politicians having been elected with help from the so-called Tea Party. Both have chosen to protect corporations and the wealthy rather than defend the best interests of their constituents and our country to reduce the federal debt, because removing tax loopholes would mean wealthy individuals and corporations finally have to pay their fair share.