Friday, October 10, 2014

Vinton County Sheriff warns residents of phone scam

Photo by Michael O'Brien
MCARTHUR - Vinton County Sheriff Shawn reported that on October 1, a business owner in Vinton County received a phone call from a man saying his name was Charles Henderson with Buckeye Rural Electric. The caller claimed the business was seriously behind on the gas bill.

When the owner told the male caller she had all electric and no gas, then the caller provided  a phone number, instructing the owner to call and ask for "Stephanie” who would then verify the past due billing.

Stephanie informed the owner she owed $2,098 and her electric service would be disconnected within the hour if she did not pay. Stephanie then instructed the owner to go to a Kroger or Dollar Store with cash and then call back for further instructions. The number that came up on the owner’s phone was 218-600-2650. A Google search of the phone number indicated it was part of a scam.

“This is an obvious scam so don’t fall this. It is serious because the callers are telling you to bring cash somewhere and then call them back,” Sheriff Justice said. “This could be a possible robbery attempt, or it could be that they would have you get a money order and tell you where to send it.

Justice said anyone receiving a similar phone call or mailing should contact the Sheriff's Office, 740-596-5242, and ask to speak with a deputy or to the sheriff.

“If you ever have a question or a "red flag" that something is not right, it probably isn't, call me,” Justice said. “We would be glad to help.”

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  1. Thanks for the heads up! I found similar complaints on that particular scam at along with the scammer phone numbers that originated from all parts of the US. I'ma amazed at how widespread that phone scam has become.