Thursday, September 11, 2014

Gun-toting militia confronts bat researchers

Nogales International | Posted 1 week ago
By Jonathan Clark

SONOITA, AZ - A group of heavily armed militiamen confronted a team of scientists who had been studying bats in a cave near Sonoita last week, apparently mistaking them for illegal border-crossers or drug-smugglers.

Various so-called militia groups have congregated in Arizona and Texas in what the groups leaders claim is a response to a flood of immigrants.

One such group was led by former Gilberton, Pa. Police Chief Mark Kessler. Kessler was fired by the city council after posting a profanity-filled video in which he fired automatic and threatened Secretary of State John Kerry.

In a June 28 posting on Facebook, Kessler urged his followers to join him in Arizona saying “Bring your gear, armor, helmets, first aid kits, MRE’s or canned food along with a lot of bottled water, but most important your ‘rifle, side arm’s and ammo!” 


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