Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Athens County under flash flood watch, watch for changing weather conditions

ATHENS - The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood watch for portions of Southeast Ohio including Athens County from 2 p.m. Wednesday May 28 through 6 p.m. Thursday May 29.

Rounds of showers and thunderstorms are expected through Thursday afternoon. The showers will be moving slower tonight and Thursday. 

Any shower or storm could contain a local downpour with an inch of rain falling in less than an hour. If repetitive or prolong showers hit the same area, flash flooding can occur or small streams and creeks.

Flash flood watch means that conditions may develop that lead to flash flooding. Flash flooding is a dangerous situation. If you live along a flood prone small stream, monitor water levels often, even late tonight if repetitive or prolong rain occurs. Be prepared to take action should stream levels rise quickly or a flash flood warning is posted. County and local officials should also heighten their weather awareness.

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